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Special characters

Adding special characters to your HTML document

Sometimes you’ll want to use symbols that you won’t find on your keyboard. They are so called special characters or symbols. Special characters are placed on your HTML document by using a special reference to the character you want to use. The reference will begin with an “&”, will be followed by some text or numbers, and end with a semicolon, “;”. In the tables below you should find a symbol you want to use with its HTML code:

Special symbols

Symbol Code
& &
< &lt;
> &gt;
‘ ‘ &nbsp;
­­ &shy;
© &copy;
® &reg;
¹ &sup1;
² &sup2;
³ &sup3;
· &middot;
« &laquo;
» &raquo;
¼ &frac14;
½ &frac12;
¾ &frac34;
¡ &iexcl;
¢ &cent;
£ &pound;
¤ &curren;
¥ &yen;
¦ &brvbar;
§ &sect;
¬ &not;
° &deg;
± &plusmn;
µ &micro;
× &times;
÷ &divide;

Table of the national symbols

 Letter Code
á and Á &aacute; and &Aacute;
à and À &agrave; and &Agrave;
â and  &acirc; and &Acirc;
å and Å &aring; and &Aring;
ã and à &atilde; and &Atilde;
ä and Ä &auml; and &Auml;
æ and Æ &aelig; and &AElig;
ç and Ç &ccedil; and &Ccedil;
é and É &eacute; and &Eacute;
è and È &egrave; and &Egrave;
ê and Ê &ecirc; and &Ecirc;
ë and Ë &euml; and &Euml;
ð and Ð &eth; and &ETH;
í and Í &iacute; and &Iacute;
ì and Ì &igrave; and &Igrave;
î and Î &icirc; and &Icirc;
ï and Ï &iuml; and &Iuml;
ñ and Ñ &ntilde; and &Ntilde;
ó and Ó &oacute; and &Oacute;
ò and Ò &ograve; and &Ograve;
ô and Ô &ocirc; and &Ocirc;
õ and Õ &otilde; and &Otilde;
ö and ö &ouml; and &ouml;
ø and Ø &oslash; and &Oslash;
þ and Þ &thorn; and &THORN;
ú and Ú &uacute; and &Uacute;
ù and Ù &ugrave; and &Ugrave;
ô and Ô &ocirc; and &Ocirc;
ü and Ü &uuml; and &Uuml;
ý and Ý &yacute; and &Yacute;
ÿ and Ÿ &yuml; and &Yuml;

Well, let’s move on to the next section HTML forms.

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