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PHP Tutorial

Well, you already know HTML programming and now would like to learn a new web programming language. PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages to be found on the web. PHP is a server-side web programming language. Much of PHP is a combination of Perl, Java, and C concepts. It performs sophisticated mathematical calculations, offers mail and regular expression capabilities, database capability. PHP supports many of the most popular database servers, including MySQL, mSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Generic ODBC and several others. Before starting with PHP make sure your host allows you to execute PHP scripts, or find a new host that supports PHP.

Getting started with PHP
Configuring Windows for local PHP development.
PHP document structure
PHP comments and PRINT command.
PHP variables
PHP variable types. Integers, strings, arrays etc.

PHP operators
PHP variable addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. String concatenation.
PHP control structures
IF, WHILE, FOR and other control structures.
PHP functions
mail(), date() and other PHP functions.
PHP MySQL functions
How to add, extract, update or delete data.

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