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HTML Tutorial

So, you decided to create your own website but don’t know where to start. Well, you are at the right place. Start here and soon you will be able to create similar pages to this one that you are reading now.If you want to create a website you should learn the HTML (HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language). This tutorial will help you to do this.If you are not familiar with HTML and would like to build your website from the scratch than we recommend starting from the beginning and going through all the HTML tutorials. Those who have some experience could find something useful as well. Visit any of HTML tutorials that you think could help you somehow.To get started with HTML you will need a few programs and the internet access if you want to publish your HTML files online. Visit our FTP tutorial to learn how to publish your HTML pages online. However, you can learn HTML offline on your own computer.You will need a text editor to write HTML commands and a browser. We recommend Notepad and the latest version of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
HTML document structure
HTML beginners start here. About the main HTML document parts.
Basic HTML document elements
Using headings, paragraphs and links.
Text formatting
HTML tags to manipulate your text.
Color names and hex codes
A short listing.
Text grouping
Using line breaks and a few other tags.
HTML lists
Using lists in your HTML documents.
HTML tables
Adding tables to your HTML pages.
HTML images
Adding images to your HTML document.
BODY tag attributes
Adding BODY tag attributes, e-mail links, and linking within the same HTML page.
Special characters
Adding special characters to your HTML files.
HTML forms
Adding forms to your HTML documents.
Put your website online
Learn how to get your HTML pages on world wide web.

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