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HTML lists

Using lists in your HTML document


One more popular way to format the text is to use lists. The HTML list command is:


This is an unordered list. Each item in the list is set off with the <LI> tag. If we use <TYPE=”disc|square|circle”> attribute together with <UL> or <LI> command we’ll get different list symbols. <LI> tags do not require a closing tag. The list is somewhat indented from the rest of the text. Examples:

  • First item (unordered and  list symbol type).
    Next line. Here you are.

  • And now let’s change the symbol to the square (<LI TYPE=square>) and add one more list:

    • This is the next list element.

  • The end.

An ordered list command:

<OL> … </OL>

The next list command is used to list definitions:

Definition term
Term definition


The first term

The first term definition.

The second term

The second term definition,
The next definition line.

Well, lets go to the next section HTML tables.

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