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FTP tutorial

Putting HTML document online


So, you’ve already learned how to create HTML pages and now want to place them online so everyone could visit them. Well, to get your HTML documents online, you will need:

1. A host (a web server that will give you space to house your HTML pages so that people could go and view them on the web).
You have two options here. You can choose either a free host or get your own domain name (like If you are going to get your own domain name, you will need to deal with internic and hosting fees. Click here to get a host that is the best for you.

2. A program (FTP program).
So, you already have a web host and now wonder how to transfer your HTML files to the new web server. Note that some hosts have utilities that allow you to move your pages using your web browser. If not, you may need to transfer your HTML documents using an FTP program (FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol).

The following are directions on how to FTP your HTML files using MS-DOS. You may use other FTP programs (recommended). Go to any shareware library and search for “FTP program”. After download install the program on your computer. Before using MS-DOS or other FTP program be ready to use host name/address to connect to your host server using FTP (usually, your username and password that you were given from your web host. If you are unsure, contact your web host to get the proper info. Well, let’s start:

  1. From the start button on your task bar, look for Programs, from Programs, click on Command Prompt (MS-DOS).

  2. Type ftp(space) and click enter. Replace with your host name.

  3. Type the your username and click enter.

  4. Type your FTP password and click enter. The screen will display a logged in message.

  5. At the next prompt, type ascii and click enter. If you will be transferring image files, type binary and click enter.

  6. Type the directory where your HTML files are saved.
    (ex. put[space]c:\junk\myfirst.html) and click enter. If you put your HTML pages directly on your “C” drive, the command for this step would be put myfirst.html

This will complete the FTP. If successfully uploaded, you’ll see the following message: 200 PORT OK. 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /myfirst.html. 226 Transfer completed. 2009 bytes sent in 0.00 seconds <2009000.00 Kbytes/sec>ftp> It will take few minutes to be able to view your pages in your web browser as it takes that amount of time to reach the appropriate space on the server.

If you will be using other FTP programs, you will be able to transfer your HTML files from your computer to your web server; change, create, delete or rename directories; view, rename or delete HTML files etc. on remote system (host) after you connect using your host name, username and password. All FTP programs are very similar and there should not be any problems using them.

Well, now that you know how to put your HTML pages online, you’ll probably want to learn some more complicated web programming and improve your website quality. So, visit the other tutorial on our website ( PHPMySQL, ASP, Perl, Javascript ).

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