Manipulating the database

Adding, modifying, selecting, deleting MySQL data Well, now it’s time to learn the most important SQL commands, also called queries. To perform the SQL queries, you can enter MySQL through telnet, if your host configured a MySQL account for you, or use your own computer if you already downloaded and installed MySQL on your own computer. Or […]

MySQL datatypes

Specifying MySQL data field datatypes Well, choosing proper datatypes greatly influence the performance of a database, that’s why it is important to understand and choose the correct datatype for each database field. And as you remember, a group of fields form a record. There are lots of different datatypes, and we are going to cover […]

Database (MySQL) tutorial

Introduction to relational databases Relational databases started to get to be a big deal in the 1970’s, and they are still a big deal today. Without databases many things would become impossible tasks. We also use databases on the internet.We are going to learn more about MySQL database which is one of the fastest and […]