If you are interested in banner advertising on WebmasterTools4u.com website, you can buy banner impressions or clicks that are sold by blocks:

One banner impressions (20000 ad exposures value) block costs only 5 US dollars.
One banner clicks (10 ad clicks value – $ 0.50 per 1 click) block costs only 5 US dollars.

If you buy more than one (1) block you will receive 100 FREE banner exposures or 2 clicks (depending of what type of advertising you choose – impressions or clicks) bonus for each additional block purchased! This is a limited time offer!

Let’s say, you buy 5 banner impressions blocks. That means that your advertising account will be assigned 100400 banner impressions (5×20000 + 4×100 = 100400)!

That’s only $ 0.25 cents for 1000 banner impressions if you spend 100 US dollars for banner impressions advertising.

You can pay using your credit card. After the transaction your advertising account will be setup within 2 – 48 hours, you will be given a username and password in order to access your advertising account. Here you can submit your website URL, advertising banners, edit your profile, check your advertising statistics, etc.

Ad Size: 468×60

File size: 12K maximum, if hosted on our servers.

Formats: Gif87, Gif89a, JPEG, HTML, Java/Javascript, Enliven, Shockwave, Flash.

URL: Provide Web address for banner click-through.

Alt Text:
 Provide alternative text for banner ads.

Delivery: Send creative directly to [email protected]
Note: Creative must be received at least two business days prior to campaign start for testing.

Traffic Reporting: Daily traffic data is published online via our Advertising system.

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